Lean Factor

Fresh Thinking
We've carefully created and nurtured a culture that values new ideas and fresh thinking. We reward and recognize these values. The result is a continuous stream of improvements in productivity, quality and cost.

Experimentation And Leaning
We know that breakthrough improvements require time, experimentation and continuous learning. We cannot always predict how things will work out, but we are prepared to try new things and break new grounds, We provide the resources for our people to find breakthrough methods that have never been tried or perfected before.

We listen carefully to the people on the front lines of our business because they are in the best position to determine how we can improve our manufacturing proesses. We strongly believe in a collaborative approach giving people with different vantage points and perspectives a chance to contribute to the improvement of our products and processes.

Lean Manufacturing
Our manufacturing leadership team comprised knowledgeable industry experts with a deep understanding of Lean Manufacturing techniques. We invest heavily in educating everyone in our organization on these techniques, and encourage everyone to put them to use on the shop floor everyday.